Where is Stacy Feldman’s sister Susan Altman now?

Susan Altman
Susan Altman
NameSusan Hathaway-Altman
Age76 Years Old
Net Worth$500K – $800k
Date of Birth1946
Current ResidenceBoston, Massachusetts
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NBC News’ “Dateline: The Sisterhood” delves into the story of Stacy Feldman’s murder in March 2015. The 44-year-old’s sudden disappearance shattered her family, but it took many years before they found answers. Stacy’s older sister, Susan Malman Altman, never dropped the lawsuit. This happened more than seven years later when Stacy’s husband, Robert Feldman, was convicted of murdering his wife. So, if you’re wondering where Susan might be today, here’s what we know.

Who is Susan Altman?

Susan Altman was devastated to learn that her sister, Stacy Feldman, had died suddenly on March 1, 2015. That evening, Robert called 911 from the couple’s home in Denver, Colorado, and told the dispatcher that Stacy was in the bathroom, without answering. Later, he said he did not remember whether his wife was face up or face down in the shower, but said he removed her to practice CPR until first responders arrived. However, Stacy was pronounced dead shortly after and her cause of death was deemed undetermined.

In the months following the incident, the family searched everywhere for answers. Susan and Stacy were quite close to each other, and Stacy shared many details about her life with her sister. In an interview with Tamron Hall in June 2022, Susan stated that she never had a good feeling about Robert and that she didn’t have I don’t like the way he treated Stacy. She had even learned from Stacy her infidelity. According to Susan, Stacy left Robert several times, but he always promised to make amends and get her back. She felt that Robert had this power over Stacy and saw her as a form of domestic violence.

After Stacy’s death, Robert received the proceeds of life insurance, which Susan and the family fought to freeze. However, the Supreme Court ruled in July 2019 that he could use the money to pay for his defense. At that time, authorities heard of a woman, Susan McBride, who claimed to have an affair with Robert after lying about his relationship status and using a different name. She found Stacy and told him about it on the day she died. While Susan lobbied for the case to be continued, the prosecution reportedly felt she had had enough after testifying about the case and an outside doctor’s opinion that Stacy had been murdered.


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