Maxi Jazz Cause of Death: Did Faithless Frontman have Health Issues?

Death of Maxi Jazz
Maxi Jazz
Death of Maxi Jazz
Maxi Jazz

Maxi Jazz, the lead singer of the British electronic band Faithless, has been found dead in his bed. He was 65 years old.

The band took to social media to share the devastating news with their fans: “It is with a broken heart that we say Maxi Jazz passed away last night. He was a man who changed our lives in so many ways.”

“He brought the right meaning and message to our music. He was a wonderful human being with time for everyone and deep, accessible wisdom. It was an honor and of course, a real pleasure to work with him.”

While many speculated on the cause of the singer-songwriter’s untimely death, the band noted in a statement that the frontman “died peacefully in his sleep.”


Born Maxwell Fraser, Maxi Jazz hails from London, England, and is a jack of all trades when it comes to music.

He was a singer, songwriter, musician, and DJ. Apart from these feats, he also happened to be the founder of Soul Food Cafe System.

Although he is many things, he was best known for his role in Faithless which ran from 1995 to 2011 and from 2015 to 2016.

He, along with fellow members Rollo Armstrong, Sister Bloss, and Jamie Cotto, draws inspiration from music from all over and creates a unique sound that has been described as “folk-house-hip-hop-blues-ambiance-jazz-rap for the dance floor and sofa piece “, AP reported.

The group released their debut album ‘Reverence’ in 1996 and their latest seventh album ‘All Blessed’ was released in 2020.

Although Faithless was not as well known as other bands, it had a strong and loyal fan base that loved its music.

According to Billboard, “Reverence” got off to a slow start, but the crowds eventually caught up, giving Faithless worldwide exposure; his subsequent albums “Retrospective” and “Forever Faithless” are some of his most popular releases.

Jazz’s sudden death sparked an outpouring of support and love from fellow DJs and fans who took to social media.

“Pretty boy gone too soon again but finally Maxie you can sleep. R.I.P Maxi Big Love UB40,” UB40 wrote.

DJ Dave Pearce wrote of Jazz’s passing: “So sad to hear Maxi Jazz has passed away. Faithless has been an iconic force in British dance music since the mid-1990s and has touched many lives. During their meteoric rise to fame, Maxie has remained a warm, friendly fresh soul – dance music poet – thoughts with family and friends RIP.”