Did Marilyn Monroe have children?

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Glamorous actress Marilyn Monroe is known as one of the biggest movie stars and cultural icons of the twentieth century. But as she gained popularity and money, she struggled with a troubled private life. She suffered from substance abuse, depression, failed marriages, and babies lost as a result of miscarriages. Sadly, the star died prematurely in 1962.

Marilyn Monroe married her first husband, James Dougherty, when she was just 16 and Dougherty was 21. She was living with her mother’s friend and husband (Grace and Doc Goddard) at the time. But when the Goddards decided to move to West Virginia, Monroe had to return to the orphanage. Grace gave Monroe an ultimatum: she could either marry Dougherty or return to the orphanage. Monroe chose to marry Doughtery. Their marriage lasted four years before ending in 1946.

Monroe married baseball legend Joe DiMaggio in 1954, making her second marriage. However, the marriage was short-lived and ended after only nine months. When Monroe publicly announced that she was seeking a divorce from DiMaggio, her reasoning was mental cruelty. However, Monroe had previously described DiMaggio as controlling, jealous, and physically abusive.

Herlast marriage was to playwright Arthur Miller. They began dating in 1955 after being introduced to each other by director Elia Kazan, even though he was married. They later married in 1956 and divorced five years later. Given that Monroe married three times, it is questionable whether any children were born from one of the marriages. Luckily, we have the answer and share it below.

Marilyn Monroe

Did Marilyn Monroe have children?

No, Marilyn Monroe did not have children before her death. However, she wanted to start her own family. Monroe had been pregnant with her last husband at least three times but had miscarriages.

According to the Netflix documentary Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes, Monroe had her first miscarriage in 1956. She conceived again in 1957 but had an ectopic pregnancy. The third and last time she became pregnant was in 1958, but she lost the baby again to a miscarriage.

Monroe reportedly suffered from endometriosis, which could explain why she couldn’t carry a baby to term. Endometriosis is described by Mayo Clinic as a disorder of which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of a uterus grows outside a uterus. This disorder can cause fertility problems. After the miscarriages, Monroe never tried to have more children.

How many pregnancies did Marilyn have?

Marilyn Monroe got pregnant 3 times in her final years of life, but she had no children.

How old was Mary Marilyn Monroe when she died?

She was 36 years old. Marilyn Monroe died of a barbiturate overdose late in the evening of August 4, 1962, at her 12305 Fifth Helena Drive home in Los Angeles, California.

How old would Marilyn Monroe be now?

The Hollywood icon passed away on August 4, 1962, aged 36, but if she were alive in 2022, she would be 96 years old, the same age as Queen Elizabeth II. The coroner’s toxicology report at the time stated that Marilyn Monroe had died as a result of acute barbiturate poisoning. (source)

Who inherited Marilyn Monroe’s wealth?

Lee Strasberg, her acting coach inherited Marilyn Monroe’s wealth. Her plan illustrates what can happen if you fail to control who inherits your estate. The actress and model passed away in August 1962.

How many pills did Marilyn take?

Miss Monroe’s physician had prescribed sleeping pills for her for three days. Ordinarily the bottle would have contained forty to fifty pills. The actress had also been under the care of a psychoanalyst for a year and had called him to her home last night. He had suggested she take a drive and relax. (source)

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