John Fetterman Tattoos: Is John Fetterman having tatoos?

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor and US Senate candidate John Fetterman is opening up about the personal meaning behind some of his tattoos after Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the ink was nothing more than a “costume.”

In an editorial published Sunday by NBC News, Fetterman, 53, wrote that each of the nine tattoos on his right forearm “marks the day someone died violently when I was mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania.”

“The first thing I got tattooed on my arm was 01/16/06. That’s the date Christopher Williams was shot and killed while delivering pizzas,” Fetterman wrote. He was a man my age at the time. He had a 12-year-old daughter. I couldn’t get over the fact that he never went to her house.”

Fetterman explains the other commemorative dates of his tattoos, writing that they all serve as “reminders of the people we’ve lost and what I’m fighting for.”

“My decision to mark these deaths with tattoos was partly inspired by their enduring nature, by the fact that these people, their stories, and my city will be with me forever,” Fetterman writes. “I understand that having art permanently inscribed on your body is not how most politicians would express their connection to their communities. But I didn’t care what other people thought. It seemed right to me.”

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Fetterman’s comment comes weeks after Carlson spoke at length about Fetterman on his show of the same name, saying at one point, “All your stupid fake tattoos — it’s a costume. Mentally retarded. It’s not real.”

Fetterman is currently battling months after suffering a stroke before the Pennsylvania Democratic primary in May. He underwent a procedure to install a pacemaker and defibrillator, and later his doctor determined he had atrial fibrillation, which caused the stroke and cardiomyopathy, so he received the implant.

Fetterman won the hospital’s primary election and returned to the campaign trail in August. In an emotional speech, he told supporters he was “grateful” and “feeling good, better than I’ve been in years”.

Fetterman is currently engaged in a fierce campaign against GOP candidate and former TV star Dr. Mehmed Oz.

Fetterman’s coup impacted the campaign in another way, with the Democrat teasing a viral video of his rival’s unusual shopping trip to a supermarket.

An Oz campaign manager beat his Democratic rival by mocking Fetterman’s last hit.

“If John Fetterman had ever eaten vegetables in his life, maybe he wouldn’t have had a stroke and not been able to lie about it over and over again,” said Rachel Tripp, the attorney for Oz. For Communications. The insider in an interview.

Fetterman responded to Oz’s campaign slide in his stroke in a tweet, writing, “I had a stroke. I survived. I am really very grateful that I am still here today. I know politics can be bad, but even then I could *never* imagine making fun of someone because of their health issues.”