My Big Buttocks Weighs Me – Christiana Awuni Says As she Advise The Youth

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Kumawood actress, Christiana Awuni, known for her exceptional talent in movie roles has disclosed that her huge buttocks, which several women wished they had, has its own disadvantages.

According to the actress, as she nears old age, her buttocks now
seem heavier compared to when she was young and vibrant.
She has, therefore, admonished women to desist from going under
the knife to obtain bigger buttocks..

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Christiana Awuni speaking on One Ghana TV stated that there
are hidden side effects that come with surgically manufactured

“I don’t know whether or not the butt implants are heavy but what
Ican say is that natural big bums become very heavy as you age.
There will certainly be a difference between God’s created body and
the one officially made by doctors.

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“I know lam heavily endowed but it is God who made me so. A
woman has to be content with the natural body God gave her. Never
say that God didn’t create you well so you want to enhance your
body. Will you blame God when the surgery isn’t successful?” she

Talking about the challenges she faces as a woman with a huge
bum she said: “l am not getting any younger so of course, it weighs
me. That is why I keep advising our young girls against body

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In an earlier interview on the channel, the Kumawood actress stated
that if only it was possible she could have transferred her bigger
bum to someone else.

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