Cheryl Scott And Fiance Dante Deiana Still Engaged? No Wedding Ring

Cheryl Scott And Fiance Dante Deiana
Cheryl Scott And Fiance Dante Deiana
Cheryl Scott And Fiance Dante Deiana
Cheryl Scott And Fiance Dante Deiana

Dante Deiana, Cheryl Scott’s partner, is a well-known DJ who is always in the public eye.

Cheryl Scott, an American meteorologist, has a long-standing relationship with her lover, Dante Deiana. The love story of the couple has long been known to people.

However, after noticing her without the wedding ring, fans are concerned about the couple’s relationship. Also, people are curious about the DJ and his current whereabouts.

Let’s find out more about him and his relationship with the ABC7 meteorologist.

Where is Dante Deiana now?

Dante is now pursuing his professional career as a DJ. He is known for his relationship with Cheryl Scott, a well-known meteorologist.

Better known as DJ Dante, he is considered the sexiest man in the Midwest. As well as partnering with Outfit Events, an event marketing and advertising company.

However, he seems to be living a personal life at the moment and doesn’t make many media appearances. Also, his Instagram account remains private with over 23,000 followers: Nowadays.

Cheryl scott no wedding ring – However, people could still find and connect with him active on his Twitter account.

Despite her fiancee Dante Deiana, Cheryl Scott doesn’t have a wedding ring.

Cheryl Scott appeared in the media without faith despite being engaged to boyfriend Dante Deiana. They have been in a relationship for a long time and are considered to be one of the cutest couples.

The couple began a new chapter in their love lives after Deiana proposed to them over the Hawaiian holidays. They have been open about their relationship with the public and shared several photos.

Until recently, Cheryl appeared to no longer wear the beautiful ring on her ring finger. They haven’t announced anything about the engagement call yet.

The weatherman didn’t delete his photos from his account either. While the couple, after being open for a while, may be keeping their relationship private.

Dante Deiana’s estimated net worth is over $1 million. He is a famous DJ and entrepreneur who supports Outfit Events as a partner.

With almost two decades of experience in his pro career, he must have earned a lot. Also, given his popularity, he could have gotten a good salary.

Is Dante Deiana Married?

Dante Deiana does not appear to be married at the moment.

But he is engaged to his partner and could be getting married in the next few days.