The Untold Story of Azja Pryor’s Stand-up Career & Acting Roles

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Get to know Azja Pryor like never before and uncover the untold story of her stand-up career and acting roles. Learn more here!

Discover the often untold story of Azja Pryor’s rise to fame in stand-up comedy and acting roles. From her early beginnings as a teen growing up in California to her major successes on television, Azja Pryor has captivated audiences across the country with her unique brand of humor and poignant insights on race and culture. Learn more about this fascinating star here!

How Azja Pryor Got Started Doing Stand-up.

Azja Pryor first started doing stand-ups in her mid-teens as a way to express her thoughts and ideas. She sought out comedy clubs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and honed her talent over several years, finally earning a spot on the television show “The Tonight Show”. After gaining recognition for her comedic timing and wit, she continued to tour around the country performing stand-up at various venues and festivals.

The Shows That Got Her Noticed & the Start of Her Acting Career.

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Azja’s television appearances on “The Tonight Show” opened many doors to new opportunities, and she soon began to garner attention from Hollywood A-listers who recognized her comedic chops. This ultimately led her to become the star of her own situation comedy show, “Bazza”, which was spotlighted on a major television network. This show propelled Azja into superstardom and kickstarted her acting career which now spans several feature films and television shows.

Azja Pryor’s Most Memorable Acting Roles and Work in Film & TV.

Azja Pryor’s acting career began to thrive after her success with “Bazza” and her career highlights include starring roles in the action-thriller movie “Live or Die” and the highly-popular sitcom “Generations”. In addition to these, she has appeared on shows such as America’s Got Talent and The Late Show. Her most recent television project is a starring role in the FX series ‘The Black Widows, where she plays a single mother on the run from a dangerous criminal syndicate. Azja is also an established voice-over artist with notable credits such as Dreamworks Animation’s “Trolls 2: World Tour”. With no plans of slowing down, Azja shows that she is here to stay!

A Moment in Time: How Her Struggles Led to Successful Content Creation & More.

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Azja’s career took off with the creation of her #BeBazza movement, which she used as an outlet to connect with people from all walks of life. This platform allowed her to release original content through stand-up comedy and “life hacks” videos on YouTube. Azja balances out her acting roles and voiceover gigs with stand-up performances in clubs throughout Los Angeles and around the world. With her dedication and determination, Azja has managed to carve out a name for herself in the entertainment industry and beyond.



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