Drama Queen: Why Some Women Crave Drama In Their Relationship

Drama In Their Relationship

“Women themselves do not know what they want and therefore constantly create problems where there are none,” says an Internet user in one of the most popular forums on the web. In the discussions under the post, as expected, there are hundreds of comments from girls who wholeheartedly admit that sometimes they just can’t live without drama even in the healthiest relationships.

Why Some Women Crave Drama In Their Relationship

Boredom or not, it seems that drama in a relationship takes exactly the same place as hot hugs and passionate sex. At least that’s the script that all rom-coms and women’s series have been following for many years now…

Why do we seek drama in our relationships?

Agreed that the story of the main characters of the series can happen to any girl who can’t decide what she wants in a relationship. And as trite as it sounds, unresolved childhood grievances are to blame. This is also confirmed by specialists: “Everything that happens to us in adulthood is a consequence of the adaptation systems built in childhood.”

Most likely, this is a reaction to the behavior of emotionally immature parents. The algorithm by which the girl interacts with her parents is considered by the brain to be the most successful because it allows the survival of the little person, whose life is completely dependent on adults.

Drama, of course, doesn’t always happen out of the blue. And sometimes it is more than justified. But to answer this question to the end, it is always worth starting with a direct and open dialogue: “Here we can look at those areas of interaction in the couple that people do not talk about openly with each other. As a rule, these are money, time, personal space, sex and maybe something else…”.

Any complication is built where it is impossible to say directly and openly, due to the fact that there is no sense of security and perhaps no skill in open communication.

How to stop complicating things without the help of a psychologist? 

“Changing the way we interact with the outside world is never easy. Here it is worth identifying a few areas where it is important to ask yourself what will change, how will it change and why will it change. How else will I feel the brightness and fullness of my life? In other words, it is important to understand how the need that the drama will satisfy can be met in a different way”, advise the experts.

Therefore, if you want to solve a problem without the intervention of a psychologist, do not forget to listen to yourself. And more precisely – your inner voice. From an honest conversation not only with your partner but also with yourself, big changes always begin.

SOURCE: www.emmacitizen.com

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