Do Tony Bennett and Susan Crow have children?

Legendary musician and Grammy Award winner Tony Bennett is known for his pop, big band, and jazz music. At 94 years old in 2021, he has had a successful career with notable achievements and numerous awards. How much do you know about his private life, mainly about his relationships? Tony has been married three times and has four children. His current wife of 14 years, Susan Crow, is 40 years younger than the legendary singer. The pop star dated Susan without a child.

How did Tony Bennett and Susan Crow meet?

Tony and Susan’s first contact is a fascinating story. First, Susan can thank her parents for knowing Tony. Long before they first got engaged in the musician’s dressing room, the two had already met under the strangest of circumstances. Tony Bennett met Susan Crow’s mother and father when his mother was pregnant with Sudan Crow.

This was during a meet and greet session in 1966. Tony recalled the incident in his 2016 book.

As fate would have it, [Susan’s mother Marion] was pregnant with… Susan at the time. It’s a photo we all laugh at when we learn of the incredible turn of events that followed.

In another interview, Tony joked that he knew Susan before she was born. He said that his mother took a picture with him when she was pregnant with Susan. It wasn’t until Susan’s 20th birthday that they saw each other face-to-face for the first time.

Tony and Susan are a perfect example of how two people can still enjoy marital bliss despite not sharing any children together. They married in 2007, but have never been blessed with offspring of their own. Instead, they share Tony’s sons Danny and Dae from his first marriage to Patricia Beech, as well as Tony’s daughters Joanna and Antonia from his relationship with Sandra Grant Bennett.

This unique family dynamic has clearly worked out for both of them- not only do they maintain a strong bond despite no biological ties between them, but they also get to enjoy each other’s company on various occasions without feeling too burdened or obligated to produce children together.



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