Creating A Fake Short Hair Without Cutting It (No Need for Scissors)

Creating A Fake Short Hair Without Cutting It

I mean, I’m considering short hair, but I’m not entirely sure. Before committing to a big cut and rushing to book a hair appointment, consider trying out styles that look good on short hair. This could act as a kind of litmus test for your propensity to cut your hair too big, or it could persuade you to stick with your current hair length. Regardless of your decision, there are numerous styling options that mimic the effect of a drastic cut. From using a headband to create a faux bob to discreetly pinning your hair back to hide your true length, there are plenty of options to consider.

Creating A Fake Short Hair Without Cutting It

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Below is a list of techniques for simulating short hair without actually cutting it. Keep scrolling to see your favorite ideas along with photos and videos to guide you.

How to Fake a Bob

The Headband Technique


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♬ Hair – Little Mix

The Extensions Technique


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Another option, as demonstrated by star hairstylist Chris Appleton, is hair extensions. He gathered the top of his hair into a bun and parted the remaining hair into two low pigtails. He then pinned both braids to the nape of his neck, then strategically added a layer of clip-in extensions. To finish, he removed the top section and expertly styled it over hair extensions for a seamless finish.

The Claw Clip Technique


no i don’t know how to do transitions or voiceovers BUT here is how i use my long hair to pretend i have short hair #BiggestFan #idkhowtousehashtags

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One of his easiest ways to create the illusion of short hair is with a nail clip. A keen observer might pick up on the tricks if they looked closely, but if they saw the pictures they would definitely be fooled.

How to Fake a Pixie Cut

The Deep Part Technique


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Believe it or not, a fake pixie is just as easy to fake as a fake bob. “Part your hair low on one side and put the longer part against your forehead and tuck it behind your ear,” says Izquierdo.

How to Fake a ‘Bixie’ Cut

The Clip-Back Technique


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For those unfamiliar with the term ‘bixie’, it’s a pixie. It refers to a hairstyle like the middle of a pixie. Bob lies. This approach mirrors Appleton’s aforementioned bob technique but without hair extensions.



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