Cameron Diaz husband, sister and feet

There’s a lot of bad news in Hollywood these days about broken marriages and dysfunctional families, so we’re always excited for a love story. This one features Cameron Diaz’s husband, so let’s get the juicy details of how they met and everything that led the couple down the aisle last January.

Cameron Diaz husband

For those of you who had no idea, our girl Cameron tied the knot on January 5th, 2015. Who did she marry? His name is Benjamin Levi “Benji” Madden, he was born on March 11, 1979 and he is the guitarist for the band Good Charlotte as well as pop-rock collaboration The Madden Brothers . It’s been a whirlwind romance, but we’ll do our best to catch up.
Cameron Diaz husband, sister and feet
So the couple didn’t bump into each other on the A-list event and sparks fly between them, there was nothing quite as dramatic as that. The two were actually introduced by Nicole Richie, who is married to Benji’s twin brother, Joel Madden. Although Cameron has known Joel and Nicole for years, she never really crossed paths with Benji.
They first met formally at a dinner party, Cameron asked Joel if he could invite his brother, and when he did, the actress thought, “He’s hot.” Apparently, the two hit it off immediately, which is why they’ve been dubbed a whirlwind romance. That’s how Cameron Diaz’s husband came into the picture.
After a short 8 months they decided they wanted to take it to the next level and we don’t mean get a pet together, they officially did it and got hooked. What did your matchmaker say about that? “I’m fine with anything that will make Benj happy. I’m a devoted sister-in-law.” The wedding was quite intimate, even with a guest list of just over 90 people.
An insider told People , “It was a big wedding but they still managed to make it feel very personal. Only their families and very special friends were present. It all felt very down to earth and sweet. The guests came smiling and seemed almost dizzy. Everyone was thrilled to be part of the wedding. “
We hope it lasts, the world needs more happy love stories.
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Cameron Diaz sister

You may not hear that much about her, but Cameron has a sister who is a full two years older than her. Her sister’s name is Chimene and once you see a picture of the two it’s practically impossible not to know that they are sisters.
Cameron Diaz husband, sister and feet
She may not be famous like her younger sister, but there is no doubt that Chimene and Cameron draw their looks from the same gene pool. Chimene is married to country rock musician Robby Armstrong and the couple reside in Huntington Beach with their four children.
Chimene and her husband Robbie are also involved, although they have a lot on their plate with their kids and career, they don’t neglect to lend a helping hand when they see one. One such cause is Children Today, a Long Beach nonprofit that feeds homeless children and provides special early learning opportunities for underprivileged youth.
So you know how dear the couple was, Robbie gave a concert to raise funds for the non-profit organization. This is not uncommon for couples, who often go out of their way to raise funds for causes they believe in.

Cameron Diaz Feet

When it comes to people as a whole, we rarely notice their feet, their shoes we definitely do, but feet go pretty much unnoticed. So this section is for all the foot lovers out there, we got your back today. Cameron is one of those women out there who has had her feet looked at, examined and monitored.
She received three and a half stars out of five for her choice of shoes, four stars for the shape of her foot and toes, and three and a half stars for the quality of her pedicure. Overall, the actress has four stars out of five, which means she has pretty feet.
Who was the judge on the jury in this case? Well, it’s her fans and haters alike. Now you know her feet don’t lie.