Bruce Kenneth Bio, Age, Wife, Hand, BBC 1, Mend It For Money, Net Worth

Bruce Kenneth Biography

Bruce Kenneth Faulseit is a furniture designer and maker. He is also a TV personality and pundit for the BBC and Channel 4. He is a regular on the BBC 1 TV show ‘Money For Nothing’, Channel 4’s ‘Mend It For Money’ and ‘The Great Garden Revolution’.

bruce Kenneth date of birth

Bruce was born in 1971, in England.

The height of Bruce Kenneth

He stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Education of Bruce Kenneth

Bruce has not disclosed his educational background.

Bruce Kenneth Nationality

Kenneth is of American and British nationality. He comes from New Jersey but now lives in West Yorkshire, England.

Bruce Kenneth’s parents

Bruce seems to keep his personal and professional life separate, which is why he doesn’t reveal his parents’ names.

Bruce Kenneth brothers

Bruce lives a low-key life, which is why he doesn’t reveal details about his siblings.

The Bruce Kenneth Family

Bruce Kenneth Wife

Bruce’s marital status is unknown as he has kept this part of his life private.

Bruce Kenneth children

Bruce is quite secretive when it comes to his personal life due to the lack of much information about his children.

How did Bruce Kenneth lose his arm?

According to his website, he was born without a right arm. “I was born without my right arm, but that hasn’t stopped me or slowed me down.” According to a post on his Instagram page, his left hand also had to undergo some surgeries to separate the fingers and restore movement.

Bruce Kenneth’s prosthetic arm

According to NJ Pen, he wanted to make a prosthetic hand, which he began making from a cut piece of copper pipe at the Collingswood factory. He envisioned adding a universal quick-release attachment to his wrist that would allow him to switch between a number of specialized woodworking accessories in the shop. However, he lacked the technical expertise and had to stop.

However, the project was revived when Peter Brown, another carpenter, met artist Caitlin Debias at another maker space. Brown was walking DeBiase through some 3D modeling software he wanted to use to make prosthetics for printing. As they talked, Brown thought Bruce was the perfect candidate.

Bruce sought help from other fabricators who knew how to work with computer-controlled machining tools that could help him complete his arm accessories.

Brown said; “I had an idea of what I wanted to do and then I knew who I needed to talk to to do it. People just started coming out and trying to help with it.”

Christine Zapata, an industrial designer, made a leather strap for the prosthetic to attach to Faulseit’s upper arm. Matt Watson, process manager for NextFab Metals, made the bayonet fitting for the prosthesis that housed the universal adapter, designed by Faulseit and Brown using 3D modeling software.

Bruce Kenneth Furniture

He is a furniture designer and maker and owner of ‘Bruce Kenneth Designs’. According to his website, he “creates bespoke pieces for private and commercial clients, as well as his own range of tables, chairs and side tables designed for Knightsbridge Furniture, which are influenced by mid-century design.”

He collaborated with Knightsbridge Furniture to make the Tron range. The collection is reminiscent of mid-century furniture from the 1950s and 1960s, but with a strong contemporary twist. The collection includes a soft high-back armchair, a medium-back armchair, an upright chair, and 25-height tables for dining, dining, and café.

Bruce Kenneth money for nothing

Bruce is one of the artisans on BBC 1’s Money For Nothing, a restoration show where artisans restore discarded items and then sell them for profit. The profit made is returned to the person(s) who originally disposed of the item.

Bruce Kenneth Fix it for money

Kenneth is one of the Fix It For Money experts. In the show, experts compete against each other to give new life to items with high-quality restorations to sell for big profits.

Bruce Kenneth Folseit The Great Garden Revolution

Faulseit hosts The Great Garden Revolution with designer Joel Bird and organic gardener Poppy Okocha.

In the four-part series, the trio uses their expertise to transform various gardens across the UK. They also provide expert advice and tips along the way that viewers can use in their own gardens.

Fintan Maguire, a co-executive producer, said: “After a year of lockdown and staying at home, we’re all valuing our outdoor spaces more than ever. So it’s a great time for a gardening revolution and a new series full of practical content we can all do. With makeovers at the heart of every show, our exciting line-up of experts will inspire us with creative and sustainable ideas for the novice and seasoned gardener alike.”

Bruce Kenneth Salary

Bruce earns an estimated annual salary of $100,000.

Bruce Kenneth Net Worth

Kenneth’s net worth is estimated at $500,000.