Bob Finch Net Worth

Robert “Bob” Finch is responsible for coal trading at leading energy trading company The Vitol Group. He was born in 1954 in the London suburb of Kingston-upon-Thames, the son of an RAF fighter. After graduating from high school at the age of 17, Finch began working as a youth at Petrofina. Over the years he has acquired all the necessary trading skills and has reached the position of a trader.

Finch joined Vitol in 1979 when the Rotterdam-based retailer began its international growth. Oil trading was in its infancy at the time and Finch was instrumental in shaping the evolution of the market and enabling Vitol to grow. He was in charge of the trade for many years and was a board member for 15 years. Finch was instrumental in Vitol’s entry into the coal markets in 2007.

In January 2012, Finch was involved in the deal between Vitol Anker International BV and Vitol Mauritius Limitada (“Vitol”) and Grindrod Limited of South Africa (“Grindrod” ) that gave Vitol has a 35% stake in the company that owns the coal terminal in Maputo that the concession owns. Additionally, Vitol and Grindrod have entered into a partnership (65% Vitol / 35% Grindrod) to merge their respective Sub-Saharan coal trading companies.

Finch is a family man with 5 children. He is a fan of Chelsea football club, as is his whole family. Stamford Bridge Athletic Stadium was the venue of his parents’ first meeting in 1947.

Net Worth $1 Million
Date Of Birth 1954-01-01
Occupation Co-founder, Finch Investments
Profession Businessperson
Nationality British
Spouse Rohini Finch
Nicknames Bob Finch, Finch, Bob




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