8 Died In A Head-On Collision On The Kumasi To Berekum Road


The menace of poor road networks in the country and lack of road signals always account to death from road accidents. Whiles the blame can’t be shifted on solely poor roads, drivers too are at fault due to over speeding and wrong dodging of potholes.

When speed  limits are checked and road signs are effective, eight people coming from the Berekum municipal would have been alive today with their respective families and loved ones, but death through road accident has taken them all.

One Opel Astra taxi coming from Berekum to Amomaso  collided with one mini bus Ford transit which was accelerating to Kumasi.

According to report, the driver and the two passengers at the front seat of the Ford transit mini bus died instantly at the scene. The taxi somersaulted two times before landing in a river near the road.

Four passengers in the taxi plus the driver died on the spot too. Passengers in the Ford transit sustained serious injuries and were all taken to the Berekum Government Hospital for immediate treatment. The accident occurred few meters away from the Berekum Amomaso Police Check point.