6 tips for smelling good without using perfume

Smelling good is more important than you think, it helps to make a good impression and not drive people away from you when you’re around, plus science says perfumes can do all sorts of things in your mind, like bringing up memories you thought you had forgotten, they can even make you feel more confident and secure, or relaxed and calm. But you don’t necessarily have to spend or invest in expensive perfumes to smell good all day, you just have to pay attention to certain details that help you stay fresh and avoid smelling like someone who has. sweat all day.

And yes, bad smells or over-the-top perfumes can be bothersome ( Elon Musk is said to have banned perfumes from his offices because they give him a headache) and can even be interpreted as a sign of poor hygiene. Doing your best to smell good is also a sign of respect for others, and can cause them to associate you with good memories and experiences, so it’s something to put effort into. A good perfume can be effective, but it does not replace hygiene and grooming.

Choose your shampoo wisely

Your scalp also sweats, and if you don’t take care of it, you not only risk having damaged and greasy hair or dandruff problems but also smell bad. You must therefore choose a shampoo adapted to your hair type and whose scent you like. Additionally, Healthline states that the American Academy of Dermatology recommends placing shampoo directly on the scalp and massaging it in to ensure all dirt is removed. It will also help your hair smell great for longer.

A scented detergent

Clothes can also accumulate bad smells, whether they come from food, the humidity in your wardrobe, or even the cigarette someone smoked near you, so it is very important to wash them regularly and with the right products. Many experts recommend unscented detergents, which are better for your skin and nose (because some detergents have very overpowering scents), but you can buy scented dryer sheets that go in the dryer. By smelling clean, you will feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes, and others will have a better impression of you.

Take care of the scent of your deodorant and your products

All the products you use have a scent (although there are now versions that don’t due to allergy concerns) and you should start by choosing a deodorant that has a scent that you like, and that also offers the protection you need for your lifestyle. Also, keep in mind that face and body creams and sunscreens are also scented and there are plenty of options to choose from. And if you don’t want to use scented products, be sure to use a strong soap all over your body.

The shower after sport

Everyone sweats throughout the day, but it’s especially true during exercise, and that sweat doesn’t smell like roses. If you exercise before work, be sure to shower and wash off all dirt and sweat before changing. When you’re clean, you smell better, and it allows your skin to better absorb the rest of the products you use.

Essential oils

Essential oils are all the rage, and while they’re not quite the panacea for all your problems, they can definitely help when you want to smell good. They can be placed directly on the skin or even in diffusers. They are also effective for hair and beard and help to make everything softer and healthier. There are also different scents to choose from, each with a different effect ranging from soothing to energizing.

Take care of your breath

The issue of breath is very important and even the best perfume cannot hide bad breath. This is important because it will keep people from wanting to run away every time you speak or concentrating on trying to avoid the smell rather than paying attention to what you’re saying. Healthline says you should take care of your dental health, floss, brush your teeth after every meal, drink enough water to avoid dry mouth, and if you need extra help, you can always chew mint leaves for fresh breath.

Source: www.emmacitizen.com


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