3 butterflies tattoo meaning

3 butterflies tattoo meaning: Butterfly tattoos have always been a popular choice but now the 3 butterfly tattoo is exploding online so what does it mean?

Flowers and butterflies are always a good first tattoo choice because they are delicate and look big when they are small.

On TikTok, butterfly tattoos have 291.3 million views, with the designs appearing mostly on the arms and, surprisingly, on the shoulders.

The 3 butterfly tattoo recently went viral along with the semicolon butterfly, partly because of the “I’ve never seen a pretty girl without a butterfly tattoo” sound. Now social media users want to know what’s behind it.

3 Butterflies Tattoo Meaning

According to Tattoo Stylist, butterfly tattoos represent rebirth, change and freedom as caterpillars undergo a metamorphosis to emerge as butterflies. With that in mind, they are the most popular designs for people who want to honor their struggles and milestones.

Butterflies are also believed to be winged messengers sent by deceased loved ones. Therefore, many choose the ink to represent their family or children.

The number three is said to have positive connotations, as angel number three is associated with “positive energy and optimism, as well as a sign of self-expression and creativity.”

Combine that with butterflies and the art has the ultimate meaning of enduring and letting go of the hard times and having a positive attitude from now on.

In October 2021, a questionable opinion tweet about girls with butterfly tattoos went viral. Of course, there is no correlation between girls who do and don’t have the design, but users continued to laugh at the statement.

It’s apparently a very popular choice, so much so that one user called it “the new infinity sign,” which exploded in the late 2000s thanks to Tumblr.

Check out these TikTok tattoos;

@naashofficial Quedate hasta el final para ver como cubrimos este tatuaje ✨ #abcdefg #lentejas #butterflytattoo #tattoo #getatattoo #tattoolove #girltattooartist ♬ abcdefu – GAYLE
@sydsmithtattoo Finished butterfly piece done yesterday 🦋 #ChiliDogYumPlz #fyp #tattoo #tattoos #butterflytattoo ♬ original sound – cxridtp

What does the semicolon butterfly mean?

While the 3-butterfly tattoo is up to interpretation, the semicolon butterfly has a more universal meaning.

Project Semicolon is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 to “support and honor those who have struggled with mental health”. For them, punctuation is used “when a writer could choose to end his sentence, but did not. The author is you and the judge is your life.

Finally, a semicolon butterfly shows your strength to overcome such painful experiences.


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